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Holiday Notice of 2020 Dragon Boat Festival(Not Working for 3 Days)

Published by admin January 15,2021

Holiday Notice of 2020 Dragon Boat Festival

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Holiday Notice of 2020 Dragon Boat Festival.

Dear Customer:

Hello! In the next 3 days,(Thursday-Saturday)(6.25-6.27) We can receive your message normally, but may not be able to respond in time due to holiday reasons.

Because Dragon Boat Festival has arrived, we have not been working for the next 3 days.
But we still hope to get your message, We treasure every message you leave.

Thank you for your patience, we will resume work after Saturday, and contact you immediately, thank you, we sincerely thank you for your support in our work.

Please understand that the inconvenience caused during the holiday.

Below is the introduction of the Dragon Boat Festival.


The Dragon Boat Festival, the Spring Festival, the Ching Ming Festival, and the Mid-Autumn Festival are also called the four traditional Chinese festivals. The Dragon Boat Festival culture has a wide influence in the world, and some countries and regions in the world also celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival. In May 2006, the State Council included it in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage lists; since 2008, it has been listed as a national legal holiday. In September 2009, UNESCO officially approved its inclusion in the "List of Representative Works of Human Intangible Cultural Heritage", and the Dragon Boat Festival became China's first festival selected for the world's intangible heritage.

The two main activities of the Dragon Boat Festival are eating Zongzi and dragon boat racing.

The culture of dragon and dragon boat always runs through the inheritance history of the Dragon Boat Festival. According to the research of experts, the prerequisites for the dragon boat race must be in the areas where rice is produced and Duohe Port, which is exactly the characteristics of my country's southern coastal areas. 

People in ancient my country's southern water network often used boats as their means of transportation and used boats as production tools and means of transportation. In the work of catching fish and shrimp, people are more than catching fish, and when they are leisure, they are similar to rowing and racing, and entertainment is in labor, production, and leisure. This is the prototype of ancient times. 

According to the prehistoric culture of Hemudu Ruins and Tianluoshan Ruins, as early as 5000 to 7000 years ago, there were canoes and wooden paddles; the original prototype of the dragon boat was a dragon-shaped canoe carved on a single wooden boat, which was later developed into a wooden board. Dragon shaped ship. The earliest records of dragon boat origins in ancient books appeared in the Eastern Han Dynasty. In fact, the Wuyue area in southern my country was not developed until the Eastern Han Dynasty. Based on this, it can be speculated that the customs of the Dragon Boat Festival may initially only be popular among the Wuyue people. Later, the Wuyue culture gradually merged with the Central Plains culture, and this kind of customs spread to the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and the northern regions. With the development of history, new products are injected into the product.


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