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Holiday notice in October(Not Working for 5 Days)

Published by admin January 15,2021

Holiday notice in October(Not Working for 5 Days)

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Dear Customer:

Hello! In the next 5 days,(SUN-THU)(10.11-10.15) We can receive your message normally, but may not be able to respond in time due to holiday reasons. 

Last month, our company participated in the circle battle. we have a competition with other companies. In this circle battle, because of the support of new and old customers, we successfully completed the goal. Thank you for your support. Therefore, our company will have five days to travel to Yunnan this month. we have not been working for the next 5 days.

But we still hope to get your message, We treasure every message you leave.

Thank you for your patience, we will resume work after Thursday. and contact you immediately, thank you, we sincerely thank you for your support in our work.

Please understand that the inconvenience caused during the holiday.

Yunnan scenic spot.

Yunnan has built a number of tourist attractions featuring high mountains and valleys, modern glaciers, plateau lakes, stone forests, karst caves, volcanic geothermal, virgin forests, flowers, cultural relics, traditional gardens, and ethnic customs.


The province has more than 200 scenic spots and scenic spots, and there are 134 scenic spots above the national level A, of which 12 are listed as national-level scenic spots and 53 are listed as provincial-level scenic spots. There are 6 national historical and cultural cities, 11 provincial-level historical and cultural cities, 6 national historical and cultural towns and villages, 14 provincial-level historical and cultural towns, 14 provincial-level historical and cultural villages, and 1 provincial-level Historical and cultural district.


Tourist attractions
National historical and cultural cities: Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Jianshui, Weishan, Huize

National AAAAA level tourist attractions: Kunming Stone Forest Scenic Area, Lijiang City Yulong Snow Mountain Scenic Area, Lijiang Ancient Town, Chongsheng Temple Three Pagoda Cultural Tourism Area, Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Pudacuo National Park, Tengchong Geothermal Volcano Scenic Area, Kunming World Expo garden

National Scenic Spots: Dali Scenic Spot, Xishuangbanna Scenic Spot, Three Parallel Rivers Scenic Spot, Kunming Dianchi Scenic Spot, Tengchong Geothermal Volcano Scenic Spot, Ruili River-Daying River Scenic Spot, Jiuxiang Scenic Spot, Jianshui Scenic Spot, General Zhehei Scenic Area, Alu Scenic Area
National historical and cultural towns and villages: Heijing Town, Lufeng County, Baiwu Village, Nagu Town, Huize County, Shaxi Town, Jianchuan County, Heshun Town, Tengchong County, Nuodeng Village, Nuodeng Town, Yunlong County, Zhengying, Shiping County Village, Donglianhua Village, Yongjian Town, Weishan County, Nayun Town, Menglian County

World Cultural Heritage: Old Town of Lijiang, Honghe Hani Terraces

World Natural Heritage: Three Parallel Rivers, South China Karst (Kunming Stone Forest), Chengjiang Biota

To learn more about Yunnan, please click here


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